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Highly Recommended! 22 Amazing Must-frame Memory for your Wedding!

Whether by accident or on purpose, wedding photos can either end up looking absolutely amazing or just plain nuts. We’ve all been there for that random request on someone’s big day to try out this pose or that stance, but in the end we’re stuck wondering, “WTF, whose idea was that?” (for better or for worse). Check out these 22 crazy and creative wedding photos to learn what you adore and what you’ll avoid when you say, “I do.”

1. Alaskan Ice Cave: As avid outdoors people, this couple kayaked out and climbed the side of a mountain to get these epic ice cave shots. Props to photog Chris Beck for kayaking and climbing along for the ride! (via The Knot)

2. Where’s Waldo?: Everyone loves a good mystery. It took us a few minutes to realize why this pic was categorized as so humorous. But then we spotted him. (via Geeky Hostess)

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3. Bold Bride: She’s got the power, and now everyone knows it. (via Secret Wedding Blog)

4. WTF: There really are no words to describe this photo op except, “WTF?” (via Secret Giggle)

5. Off The Dock: Thankfully this happened after the ceremony, and not before. Those happy lovebirds are so wrapped up in each other they seriously don’t even notice what’s going on. (via Del Sol Photography)

6. Ambulance Arrival: This would be sad if the bride and groom had actually been hurt on the way to their wedding. But in reality, they were totally fine…just looking for an epic entrance. (via Osa’s Eye)

7. Always Right: At least they’re honest :) (via Style Me Pretty)

8. Horse or Woman: We can’t help but laugh out loud at this catch. She’s literally half-horse, half-woman. (via Eastern Oregon Wedding Blog)

9. For Mature Audiences Only: What a creative way to incorporate young ones into a wedding day photo sesh. (via Buzz Feed)

10. Shark Week: We couldn’t help but share one more attack photo with you. It just looks so real! (via Esser Photography)

11. No Pants Party: Surprise! This groom and his groomsmen decided to give everyone a good laugh at the last minute before the wedding photographer took the shot. Bold move, boys. (via Jason + Gina)

12. Goofy Groomsmen: Believe your eyes. This is nine different groomsmen, each one snapped with a more epic facial expression than the one before him. A must-frame memory, for sure. (via Buzz Feed)

13. Bad Influences: Sipping from the bottle, shotgunning a brew and stuffing our tops aren’t necessarily things we want little eyes taking note of. But they do make a pretty funny picture! (via Maria Vincencio)

14. Don’t Fight It: While we hope no one ever has to endure the agony of this for real, it’s a super creative way to play off the old stereotype that women drag men down the aisle. (via Reilly Images)

15. Everybody’s Happy: Having trouble deciding on a theme or color palette for your big day? Let the guests choose! You’ll get a photo filled with everything from knights, to peasants, to large, hairy animals. (via Gammon + Chips)

16. Check Your Dress: Newsflash: bridesmaids with tucked-in dresses is also a pretty popular trend right now (don’t ask us why). It’s every girl’s worst bathroom nightmare in real life. (via Secret Wedding Blog)

17. Portrait Remake: Seurat would be so proud of this wedding party remake of his classic, La Grande Jatte. (via Stuff Happens)

18. Stern Warning: Looks like the beginning of a truly beautiful, happy relationship. (via Huffington Post)

19. Tornado Backdrop: Holy epic! That has to be the best photobomb we’ve ever seen. +10 to that tornado. (via Buzzfeed)

20. Good Times in Action: Skip the stills and go for a gif. This ultra creative wedding photo captures the life and laughs among this colorful wedding party perfectly. (via JLB Wedding)

21. Wildfire Wedding: The sunset in the background looks questionable, but that’s probably because it’s not a sunset at all. It’s a wildfire. These two were warned of wildfires in the area at the start of their wedding, but decided to rush through their vows and take advantage of the backdrop while they could. (via Buzz Feed)

22. T-Rex Attack: If you haven’t heard, wedding attack photos are the trendiest thing in event photography lately. Pick your villain and start running! (via Bored Panda)

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