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Looking For Fun & Amazing Wedding Photo Ideas? This Is It!

The bridal party is made up of some of the couple’s all-time, hands-down favorite people on earth. 

And when the whole group gets together on the day of the wedding, fun and laughter are all but guaranteed. Below, 22 photo ideas for bridesmaids and groomsmen that you’ll wish you thought of first. 

1 A petal explosion makes for a pretty photo op

Steph Grant Photography

2 Or get things poppin’ with confetti poppers

Studio 29

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3 Create a human pyramid of dudes in matching undies

Artist European Photography

4 But you don’t need to drop trou to pull off this silly shot

Del Sol Photography

5 Have the bridal party show how they REALLY feel about PDA

Del Sol Photography

6 Give each person a chance to showcase their funniest face

Ameris Photography

7 Impress the guys with your shiny new bling

Aaron Watson Photography

8 Then challenge the groomsmen to an arm wrestling match

Allebach Photography

9 Prepare for takeoff! This aerial shot is all kinds of awesome

Maureen Cotton Photography

10 Of course, you’re never too old to pretend you’re a superhero

Del Sol Photography

11 And there’s nothing like a friendly butt pat among bros

Hitch and Sparrow

12 Show off some of that undeniable groomsmen swagger

BG Productions Photography

13 GOAL! Congratulate the groom on scoring an awesome spouse

Vesic Photography

14 Bottoms up, bridesmaids!

Del Sol Photography

15 Or have the group raise a pint to the couple’s ‘hoppily’ ever after!

BG Productions Photography

16 For your safety, don’t attempt this pose after the liquor’s been flowin’

Zofia and Co.

17 Get everyone on the same page with a pre-wedding huddle

Lisa Robinson Photography

18 You could stop traffic with this kind of love!

Vesic Photography

19 There’s always time for a selfie or two

Jonas Seaman Photography

20 And don’t be afraid to show a little leg

Zofia and Co.

21 When posing for the photographer, might as well pretend it’s for Vogue

Steph Grant Photography

22 And always throw your hats (or sombreros) off to the newlyweds!

Del Sol Photography

Reference: Huffingtonpost.com