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Amazing! 30 Most Touching First Look Wedding Photos of All Time!

So what is a first look? A first look is a moment few hours before the ceremony where bride and groom see each other for the first time on the wedding day. It is usually pre-arranged with their wedding photographer in a private place away from family and friends to capture that moment just for them. However, some first look photos are also incredibly fun to make with the wedding party included.

Continue below to browse our first look photo ideas gallery, and don’t forget to Pin a few to share with your wedding photographer!

1. Back To Back Before First Look



To pull off this shot, ask your photographer to position you back to back. Prepare a few nice words to say to each other before turning around. You photographer will be able to capture the before and after reactions.

PHOTOGRAPHER TIP: If you are having an outdoor wedding, scout the venue ahead to time to find a spot where you will have some privacy.

2. No Peeking Before First Look

Its not entirely fair if you can see the groom, but he can’t see you. However, its a great way to make sure he is not peeking and the first look is truly genuine.

PHOTOGRAPHER TIP: Have the groom wait in a special location and you come to him. But don’t keep him waiting too long.

3. After First Look Wedding Photos

Discuss with your photographer that you want to capture the before and the after emotions. If the before part is staged, the after is sure to be genuine.

PHOTOGRAPHER TIP: Make sure to ask your photographer for an assistant if you want to capture both his & her reactions.

4. Groom’s Emotions

While its certain you are going to cry, many grooms experience a very emotional reaction as well.

PHOTOGRAPHER TIP: Make sure your bridesmaids are standing by with a makeup touchup kit. And tissues.

5. Holding Hands Before First Look

This is our favourite ‘before’ pose. Couples have a truly amazing emotional connection right before they see each other.

Do you think this something for you? Many photographers highly recommend doing the first look photos as there is not much time during the cocktail hour. By doing this ahead of time, you ensure you will have plenty of opportunities for candid pictures with your bridal party and family, those bridal portraits you like, and other creative wedding photo ideas you saved.